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Revolut As A Payment Method In The Online Casino

As already mentioned, Revolut is a smartphone app. However, the British company also has a banking license, so that it can be used well beyond other apps, such as the Neteller or Skrill e-wallets.

With a Revolut account, you can send and receive payments just like a normal account and you can get a real Visa credit card even in the free basic version. Your Revolut account also has its own IBAN number so that you can also pay and receive money via bank transfer.

Payments between Revolut users are even easier, because all you need is the mobile phone number of the sender or recipient or you have to be nearby and you can send credit back and forth in real time, provided your account is charged.

Revolut thus combines the advantages of a bank account with the convenience of an e-wallet and is preparing to conquer the financial world.

Advantages & disadvantages of Revolut casinos

You can also pay with Revolut in the online casino, even if the payment method itself is usually not listed as such. But if you find an online casino where payments by credit card or bank transfer are available, you can also use your Revolut account.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s just take a look at this.

Available in almost every online casino Usually not listed as a separate payment method Two payment methods in a Visa from a free basic version cannot be used everywhere Safe and fast payments Mastercard only with the paid version Can also be used for bonus offers Payments via mobile phone number mostly not possible Both for one – Available as payouts as well IBAN is UK Payments are made in real time Worldwide free payments

Even if Revolutis usually not listed as a separate payment method, you can use your credit card, which you can receive in physical and / or virtual form, in almost every online casino. Payments with it are safe as usual and are made in real time.

And even if you don’t want to use your credit card, you can use Revolut as a normal bank account thanks to the associated IBAN and process your payments in the online casino.

With Revolut you can choose between a VISA and a Mastercard, but you should be aware that the Mastercard is only available to premium customers, while the free basic version of the account “only” has a VISA.

As a UK company, don’t forget that the IBAN on your Revolut account is a UK one. And even if there are no conversion fees worldwide and no costs at all from Revolut (at least up to a certain limit), that could put some people off.